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KBC organizes the Team Blue Challenge 5 'Team Blue goes Green' (hereinafter 'Challenge 5'). By registering as a user on the 'Challenge 5' website, you declare that you have read and accept these terms and conditions.

1. What is the challenge?

The purpose of challenge 5  is to mobilize colleagues, friends , family and customer to save the planet. And for every KBC employee participating in 1 of the activities, we will plant a tree, creating Team Blue forests in the different countries.

You can choose an activity from certain types, fitting 1 of the 3 themes :  

- CO2 reduction

- Circular economy (collecting old mobile devices)

- Cleanups (short walk through a predefined route, picking up garbage)

2. The organisation


KBC Groep NV, Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels is the organiser of Challenge 5.

When we refer to KBC in the terms and conditions, we do not only mean KBC Group NV, but also all other KBC entities in the countries where KBC organizes Challenge 5.

Challenge 5 runs from 20May 2019 to 18 october 2019.

The Challenge is open to everyone, not just KBC employees or KBC customers.


KBC reserves the right to change or cancel the duration and the interpretation of Challenge 5 in case of force majeure. KBC shall not be liable for any termination or modification of Challenge 5, except for damage which is a direct result of an intentional act or omission or gross negligence on the part of KBC.

3. Register as a user

You can register as a user on the Challenge 5 website. As a registered user:

You have a personal dashboard with an overview of the activities you are organizing, and the results you have registered;

KBC has the right to deny users access to the logged in part of the website or to terminate your account, for example if you do not comply with these terms and conditions.

4. Registration of an activity?

Conditions for the registration of an activity

In order to register an activity for Challenge 5 on the website, the activity must at least meet the following criteria:

The activity fits the criteria (reduction of CO2 emission, collecting old mobile devices, cleanups)

If you create an activity on the website you have to be with at least 3 participants (=colleagues).

The activity (i) is not unlawful, offensive, defamatory, hateful, threatening, contrary to public order or morality, pornographic; and (ii) does not incite violence, racism or xenophobia.

KBC will screen the registered activity and assess whether it meets the criteria and fits within the philosophy and framework of Challenge 5. If this is not the case, KBC may decide not to publish the registered activity or to remove a published activity. KBC is not responsible for this towards the person who has registered the activity or the organiser.

KBC only looks at whether the activity fits within Challenge 5. KBC does not check the soundness of the organisation of the activity. The publication on the Challenge 5 website therefore offers no guarantee whatsoever as to the organisation and soundness of the activity.

You may only register an activity on the Challenge 5 website with the permission of the organizer.

How to register an activity ?

If you are registered as a user, you can fill in the registration form under 'Create activity'. After KBC has approved the activity, you will receive an email and your activity will be visible on the website so that others can participate as well.

5. Liability


Under no circumstances and on no legal basis can KBC be held liable by a registered user for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever, not even for technical interruptions or defects, or loss of or damage to transmitted data, or exclusions from Challenge 5, except for loss or damage that is a direct result of an intentional act or omission or gross negligence on the part of KBC.


All activities published on the Challenge 5 website are organised under the full responsibility of the organiser mentioned there. KBC has no responsibility whatsoever for this. KBC is under no circumstances liable for the activities published on the Challenge 5 website. Publication on the Challenge 5 website does not offer any guarantee from KBC as to the soundness of the activity.

KBC is not responsible for the quality of the registered activities. As an organiser, you may only register an activity if you take all the measures necessary to ensure that the activity runs smoothly from an organisational and qualitative point of view. As an organiser, you are responsible for all legal and administrative permissions, permits and licences required for organising the activity and any tax certificates.

6. Name and logo of KBC

The name and logo of KBC shall remain the property of KBC.

The publication of the activity on the Challenge 5 website does not mean that the user or the organiser may use the name or logo of KBC for the activity or link the activity to Challenge 5 via other media. This can only be done with the prior explicit and written consent of KBC.

7. Photos and videos

KBC may use photos, videos or other material to showcase Challenge 5 or certain registered activities.

You agree not to provide KBC with any photographs or other material that (i) may infringe upon the intellectual or other rights of third parties (e.g. copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, privacy rights); (ii) may infringe upon the intellectual or other rights of third parties; (iii) may denigrate third parties or their rights; (iv) incites hatred, discrimination, violence or generally offensive and contrary to public order or decency; or (v) constitute a violation of law or other regulations.

You agree that others shall not have any rights of any kind to the photographs, videos or other material you provide to KBC, or that you have received the necessary consents from the rightholders to provide KBC with the photographs, videos or other material and to use them in the context of Challenge 5.

In addition, you give KBC the free permission and guarantee that KBC has the free permission of the rightholders to store, reproduce, make public and distribute the delivered photographs, videos and other material (i) by any means or media, and (ii) to use it for the intended purpose and all advertising purposes in the context of Challenge 5. KBC limits this use to a period of up to 18 months after the end of Challenge 5.

To the extent required, you waive any and all rights granted to you by law or by any other mandatory provision.

You shall indemnify and hold KBC harmless from and against any and all claims and damages suffered by KBC as a result of storing, copying, reproducing, printing, making public, distributing and using photographs, videos or other material provided by you.

8. Links to other websites

The Challenge 5 website may contain hyperlinks to websites or information from third parties, for example, the website of a registered activity. KBC has no control over those websites or that information of third parties.

The providers of those websites or information may use their own privacy policies. We therefore advise you to go through them. KBC is not responsible for the content of those websites, any use thereof or the privacy policies of those websites.

9. General terms

If any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. If necessary, a valid, substantively comparable substitute provision shall be provided.

KBC resolves sovereign disputes and all situations not expressly provided for by these regulations with respect to Challenge 5. In the event of abuse, deception, deception (e.g. participation by using invalid or falsified personal data) or infringement of these terms and conditions, KBC shall be entitled to exclude you and, if applicable, to reclaim any sponsorship already granted, without you being able to make any claim against KBC. No appeal shall lie against the decisions of KBC taken in this paragraph.