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Team Blue cares about the Planet and will take all kinds of initiatives to reduce CO2, to promote a circular economy and to clean up waste. For every employee participating, KBC will plant a tree and create Team Blue forests in its core countries. 

2. Challenge 5 starts 20th of May and ends 18th of October. Between these two dates we invite everyone to participate as much as possible.


All events published on this website are organised under the full responsibility of the organiser mentioned there. KBC has no responsibility whatsoever for this. Under no circumstances will KBC be liable for events published on this website. Publication on the website does not offer any guarantee from KBC as to the soundness of the event.

KBC is not responsible for the quality of the registered events. As an organiser, you may only register an event if you take all the measures necessary to ensure that the event runs smoothly from an organisational and qualitative point of view. As an organiser, you are responsible for all legal and administrative permissions, permits and licences required for the organisation of the event.

For every employee from KBC Group participating in one of the activities , KBC will plant a tree, creating a Team Blue Forest in all our core countries.

If you have participated in an activity, don’t forget to confirm your participation afterwards. You can do this by going to the activity page on the website and click on the button to confirm participation. Enter your professional e-mail address and add one more tree to our Team Blue forest. 


An activity is an event you organise for your colleagues, friends and family. This can go from something very small to something very big. It is important that as an organiser you are able to count the result. 

There is a minimum of 3 participants (=colleagues). There is no maximum limit. 

Great ! There are 3 main categories of activities : 

- climate  (=CO2 emission reduction)

- circular economy

- cleanups

You need to register your activity. For this you need a profile on the website. You can click on the menu on the homepage on “Organize Activity”. If you have already a profile, log in. Otherwise you create a profile. Once your activity is registered , it will be reviewed by your country responsible and if it meets the criteria, you will get a notification by e-mail that your event has been approved. At that moment it will also be visible on the website for everyone. When someone wants to participate in your event, that person can click on “Participate” and indicate of he/she comes alone or with more people. As organizer you can see in your Dashboard how many people have registered upfront. You don’t have their contact details but you know at least how many people have registered. They can contact you through the “contact organizer” button on your activity. After the event, it is very important to register the results of your activities. You can do this by going to your dashboard and select the activity.

You can look at the website under “Search Activity” at all the activities available. If you see an interesting activity , you can go to the specific page of that activity. You don’t need to register or create a profile to participate. We only ask you to click “participate” so the organizer knows how many people to expect . Therefore you can also indicate if you bring more people. If you come alone, you only put “1”.

If you have any question about the event, you can contact the organizer by clicking the button.

For activities related to Circular Economy , we collect old mobile devices. You don’t need to click on “participate” , just bring the device to the indicated location. Very important ! As KBC Group employee you need to confirm your participation to an activity. For every employee participating, we will plant a tree in the core countries. You need to go to the page of the activity and click on the “Confirm Participation” button. You will then be asked to enter you professional KBC e-mail address. By doing so , you will earn your tree. 

There are several types of activities you can organize :

•Change the way you go to work (carpooling, bike, public transport, walking) : agree with a group (min. 3) of colleagues to change the way of transportation to work. 1 colleague registers the activity on the website and enters the result (=nr of kms covered in the new way of transportation). The other participants should not forget to confirm their participation afterwards an earn their tree

•Planting trees : in case you plan to go and plant some trees with min 3 colleagues , you can register it as an activity •Eco teambuilding : do a teambuilding linked to the theme with your colleagues.

•Awareness sessions or workshops

The main action here is to collect as many old mobile devices as possible. In the main buildings a central collection will be organized. But if you want to make a collection locally, you can also register it on the website so people know where to bring their mobile devices. We will then further inform you how the phones will be collected . 

A cleanup is a short group walk of appr. 3 to 5 kms, following a predefined route where all participants collect trash. We collect plastic in separate bags from other waste. A checklist and instructions on how to organize will be made available to you if you want to organize a cleanup. The results afterwards to be registered are kilograms of trash , separated in plastic and other waste.